10 Hottest Girls DJs – Word Range Entertainment

10 Hottest Girls DJs - Word Range Entertainment

On the off chance that behind the turntables there will be one of these marvels, considered the best electronic artists of the planet, at that point your night excursion will transform into a life changing enterprise.

10 Hottest Girls DJs - Word Range Entertainment







Top 10 Seherezade

Her pen name Shaherizada – completely defended. Pretty lady really tells the group of onlookers on the move floor brilliant stories, it is basically difficult to split far from.

Top 9 Lisa Kensington

A multi-gifted angel initially from New York goes about as a mainstream DJ and model. The group of onlookers acknowledged Lisa for the one of a kind and exquisite style of music, with which nobody can analyze.

Top 8 Keli Hart

The young lady won many honors and awes the group with great music, as well as with delightful, arousing highlights.

Top 7 Ane Teri

Hot Ukrainian DJ performs delightfully and sexually, which makes it a standout amongst the most famous young ladies in this industry. In the arrangements of Teri clubs the world over, however the greater part of the magnificence can be seen on the popular Ibiza.

Top 6 Tenashar

Tenashar is viewed as a standout amongst other DJs on Earth. The blend of a honest individual and a super-hot body makes her the pioneer on the move floors of the entire world.

Top 5 Juicy M

Marta Marthus, otherwise called Juicy M, is a standout amongst the most mainstream female DJs playing electric and dynamic house. Picked up prominence with the assistance of the channel on YouTube where it figures out how to diminish a few plates, at all without utilizing ear-telephones.

Top 4 Tamara Sky

A perfect figure and a lovely face – that is the thing that makes Tamara a standout amongst the most looked for after young ladies DJ planets. For an artist from Puerto Rico – an awesome outcome.

Top 3 Marie Ferrari

Known as the most trendy female DJ, Marie plays behind the stands of extraordinarily chic and present day clubs in any city. She is still extremely youthful, however has effectively made her name in the realm of DJ.

Top 2 Claudia Cazacu

The Romanian vocalist wants to play Trance and Tech House and has an extremely great appearance. Claudia is always on visit, for which she gained and altered the chic gig.

Top 1 Nicky Bellucci

Artists simply go gaga for her magnificence. Nicky’s music is sexual and extremely sexy. The young lady performs in the best clubs far and wide, which is without a doubt due to her ability, as well as to her noteworthy appearance.


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