Couple Filmed Having SEX on Flight

Couple Filmed Having SEX on Flight

That’s not the dude’s girlfriend, either!

A couple of total strangers were filmed having sex while drunk during a Ryanair flight to Ibiza.

On his way to a bachelor party in Ibiza, a UK man met a woman on his flight and soon, they were joining the Mile High Club.

One problem, the guy has a 6-month-pregnant fiancee at home… YIKES.

When asked for a comment on the saucy video, the man’s stepfather said:

I’ve seen the video, but I haven’t spoken to him about it yet. I haven’t a clue whether he’s in trouble over it or not.
Uh, he doesn’t have a clue? Why wouldn’t this guy be in trouble?!

You would think if you were going to have sex on a plane, you would be more discreet, but it sounds like these two were not shy at all.

An eyewitness describes how it all went down:

I heard them talking about it, but I thought they were joking. The guy was shouting, ‘Anyone got a jelly?’ meaning condom. We all laughed, but then ten minutes later… they actually did it.
This video was filmed a few days ago, so it’s very possible our Flying Romeo still hasn’t come home from that bachelor party. I mean, would you? The dude’s DEAD once he gets back home.

Credit: whatstrending


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