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How Beauty Contests are Organized

The ex-champs portrayed how the challenge “Miss Moscow” was held in various years, what triumph was given to them, and how they live after the opposition.

Ekaterina Shidlovskaya, Miss Moscow-1994







Ekaterina Shidlovskaya, Miss Moscow 1994

“I never longed for being a model: in my school years this calling was not at the pinnacle of fame. Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell ended up plainly well known later.

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I found out about the challenge from the daily paper – there was no Internet at that point. It was composed that there is an arrangement of young ladies developing from 170 centimeters with the parameters of 90-60-90. I was more slender, however with a model appearance, so it was simple.

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The opposition was gigantic – more than 2 thousand young ladies came to qualifying rounds. Subsequently, just 20 young ladies got to the challenge.

At the choice we went in front of an audience first in regular garments, at that point in bathing suits, at that point in tight things.

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At that point there were tights, thusly there were no issues with picking a closet. To the primary challenge of magnificence in the post-Soviet space, we arranged for the entire a half year. Presently, obviously, there is no such level of planning.

And afterward we were occupied with plastic, acting, practicing the passageway to the stage and for reasons unknown went to the pool.

The challenge was recalled by the exit plan in national ensembles and contaminate in high contrast swimming outfits and veils to the music of Prokofiev in ball style at Woland.

The crown was worn by Valentin Yudashkin, and as a blessing I got the “Moskvich” singular shading get together “Metallic Cherry”.

Fans gave adornments from Couchard, Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Carrera, a white mink coat. From autos and lofts, I rejected – these presents can not be taken from outcasts in the 90’s.

After the challenge, she began working in the displaying business in Europe, including Italy. She debase on the platform, took part in the photograph sessions.

Presently I am occupied with family and I take an interest in work of the magnanimous Fund of recovery of national culture “.

Irina Alexeeva, Miss Moscow 2014

Irina Alexeeva, Miss Moscow-2014









“I was welcome to the qualifying round” Miss Moscow-2014 “by the coordinators after my triumph in the” Young Miss Moscow “. The triumph in the challenge offered stimulus to my moving and displaying vocation.

Before the end we arranged day by day over a month. In the last I performed with an adapted ballet performance with components of aerobatic exhibition. Prior to that she won in the Russian Championship in traditional and aerobatic move.

Presently I am the substance of a wellness focus, a hide organization and a shoe organization. I as of late graduated in promoting for an inn network on the island of Mauritius. ”

“Back in my understudy years, I filled in as a model in China, where Russian magnificence is exceptionally esteemed, however they paid pretty much nothing, sufficiently just cash to purchase lodging on the edges. At the throwing of the challenge “Miss Moscow” I went to help my better half.

I was promptly seen, however I told the coordinators: I don’t have the cash to win – the auto, and the one on layaway.

Prior to the challenge, we practiced for a month. The conditions were intense: somewhat late, and they put you outside the entryway. After the ability appear, I was among the pioneers. Did not have any desire to be commonplace and masterminded among the members a show of bathing suits, which she sewed herself.

After the triumph, I went to altruistic occasions for a year, to nursing homes and halfway houses. At that point she marked an agreement with the adornments house and went to function as a model in Switzerland, at that point – in Malaysia.

I opened a wonder salon, however then backpedaled to form, and now I’m doing bathing suit indicates once more. Presently I live in Singapore, where my companions and I sorted out a business to supply restorative crude materials to Russia and Europe. Presently I need to make a family and have kids.

Tatyana Tsimfer, Miss Moscow 2016

Tatyana Tsimfer, Miss Moscow-2016








About the challenge,” Miss Moscow “gained from interpersonal organizations. Since a long time ago chose whether to go or not, frightened foul proposition. Be that as it may, the feelings of dread did not appear, and I was among the 42 competitors.

The most troublesome for me was an opposition of abilities and debase in bathing suits. At the imaginative challenge I played out the Beatles tune “Yesterday” on the violin.

Prior to the declaration of the last outcome, I turned into a champ in a few sponsorship designations and suspected that I would not turn into a victor 100%.

Not more than a day or two ago I won the universal challenge “Miss United Continents-2017″ in Ecuador, where 33 agents from everywhere throughout the world took an interest.

Maybe the part in my triumph was played by the way that one year from now we will have the World Cup. Presently my life goes in consistent voyaging, and I like it.

I long for beginning a family and having two kids, and furthermore opening a café.


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